Everyone, especially women, are afraid of getting older and need to prevent aging. Even if there is beauty at every age, no one wants to have a saggy butt, a wrinkled face, and limp hair. Aesthetic surgeries, fillers and botox treatments are not always effective to preserve our appearance. So, what can we do for having back a vigorous, lively, healthy and young look?

We made a small introduction about “What is Growth Hormone (Hgh)?” in our previous blog.

To summary again, growth hormone is secreted from the pituitary gland of the brain and is responsible for the repair of DNA and protein synthesis. It also helps to delay aging, prevent muscle mass loss, and achieve height growth in children and adolescents. However, growth hormone secretion gradually decreases from the end of puberty. To give an example of hormone reduction amount; growth hormone in the seventies is about a quarter of that in the twenties. In other words, decreasing growth hormone with each passing day causes cells to fail to regenerate themselves and thus aging and old appearance show up.


Problems Caused by Decrease of Growth Hormone:

  • Decrease in bone density
  • Deterioration of connective tissues under the skin
  • Drooping skin appearance due to decrease in muscle mass and melting of muscle mass (flabby arms, butt flattening, saggy belly etc.)
  • Wrinkles caused by inability of skin to renew itself
  • Increased amount of fat and decreased fat burning as a result of decreased protein storage
  • Decrease in lung capacity
  • Hair shedding


Using Growth Hormone as an Anti-Aging Treatment

If Growth Hormone Treatment is administered at an appropriate dose, it will substantially eliminate all the effects of growth hormone reduction mentioned above. Since growth hormone provides cell regeneration very quickly, visible changes are occurring even in as short as 3-4 weeks. If the growth hormone treatment is supported by exercise, drooping, especially as a result of loss of muscle mass, disappears in a much shorter time with regaining the muscle mass back. With the increase in the amount of protein in the tissues, fat-burning accelerates and muscle masses begin to take its place. HGH repairs bone deformations caused by old age and obtain healthy bone density. In addition to the physical effects of growth hormone, the person will feel very good in terms of libido, mood and vitality.


The biggest examples of this treatment are Hollywood stars and athletes. Have you ever wondered how they looked so vigorous, fit and young at every age, as we were getting older every day? Today, many stars and athletes reported that they use growth hormone as the secret of their youth and fit appearance.

Finally, according to a study written in The New England Journal of Medicine; a group of men aged between 61-81 years old who were given growth hormone for six months; lost 14% of their body fat and gained 8.8% muscle mass and 1.6% bone mass. According to the interpreters, it means reversing aging by roughly 10 to 20 years.


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