Bitcoin payment is, in recent years, one of the safest ways to pay over the internet. In a conventional transaction on the internet, you have to send your bank or credit card details to the vendor in order for them to progress the transaction. If the vendor keeps data of costumer’s card details than can be hacked. The hackers can do anything many times as they want until you realize and cancel your accounts. If you don’t notice the fraudulent expenses in time, then you’re stuck with them. Let’s think about it more. You are basically giving every single bit of your credit/debit card details, every single time you buy something. 

What are the benefits of the use of cryptocurrency in shopping?

With bitcoin, the only thing that is broadcast when you buy something is your public address (aka wallet address). So the transaction can be summarized like: Wallet X (your wallet address) is sending 1 bitcoin to Wallet y (the bodypharm.com’s wallet address). There’s nothing that the bodypharm.com’s (or a hacker) can do with that address unless they want to send money back to it. They would need your private key in order to get more money from your wallet. They never see the private key and is not broadcast with the transaction.

On the other hand, time online shopping transaction processes take less time than the traditional method. In the normal method of payment with credit cards, remember how many minutes we spend on filling gaps.

User Anonymity

Bitcoin purchases are individual, no matter in which country you are. Unless a user publishes his Bitcoin transactions voluntarily, his purchases never match with his personal identity. It’s much like cash-only purchases, and cannot be traced back to him. In fact, the anonymous Bitcoin address that generates for user purchases changes with each transaction.

No Third-party Interruptions

One of the most commonly known benefits of Bitcoin is that neither banks or financial intermediaries nor governments have a way to interrupt user transactions or place freezes on Bitcoin accounts. The system is completely peer-to-peer; thereby users experience a greater degree of freedom than with national currencies.

Mobile Bitcoin Payment

Like with many online payment systems, Bitcoin users can use their coins whenever and wherever they have Internet access. In other words, purchasers never have to travel to a bank or a store to buy a product. However, unlike online payments made with U.S. bank accounts or credit cards, personal information is not necessary to complete any transaction (most safety payment method ever).

Despite a number of many online shop web sites hasn’t offered payment service with bitcoin,  Bodypharm.com allows it’s users to pay with cryptocurrency that works with new blockchain technology. As we see above how it is safe, faster and secure, you can now order with peace of mind which pill or pills you need and then pay with cryptocurrency in  bodypharm.com.  

The only thing you should have done is to have a cryptocurrency wallet from safe websites to exchange your money into cryptocurrency. Lets shop safe, secure and faster than ever with bodypharm.com

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